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Febrero 12, 2004

The End of the Universe can be found at 4am on a Sunday in August at Gatwick Airport.

Just trust me on this.

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Febrero 09, 2004

TheDiscourse on ThePublicRadio

Apparently I was quoted at length on the CBC on Sook-Yin Lee's Saturday afternoon programme. I only heard about this after the fact and they don't archive very well on the cbc website so I can't hear what they say that I said.
That's all I guess.

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Febrero 05, 2004

Hey Yawn! (how shitty is that?)

So I think I'm almost alone in not really "feeling" the new Outkast albums. I'm sick of that Hey Ya! stuff (last week I heard it being played in that tailor for short guys on Queen street but don't ask me why I was in there) and I very much agree with a certain critic's assessment of the widespread praise for those guys as having a lot to do with those guys operating according to rock and roll criteria (the integrity of the rugged individualist artiste writing and producing all his own music etc) which basically irrelevant to the rest of hip hop.
Anyway, Torontopian Steve K aka The Blankket recorded this cover ages ago, even before the album came out. Then everyone else started doing it too and then the NYT is all talking about the definitive "indie rock" Hey Ya! cover without even mention K-dogg whose been here for years? It's a shame.

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I don't understand the internet. Or strangers' indignance for that matter. How is it that despite fishing for incendiary spittlewhip assaults from New Age racists and Irish Nationalists, the only responses this thing gets are from king's illiterate asshole mom looking for pictures of Anna Nicole Smith or other hysterical parents who are worried that their children are going to do exhaustive googles for information about KFC and stumble on to bad language?
It all makes me wish I didn't know how to work these things and was back to saying, "yeah I have the internet..." like I thought it was hidden in basement or something. What?

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Febrero 03, 2004

"Take this number off your fucking list you degenerate fucking telephone cancer!"

That's what I should have said to a telemarketer who just called my apartment. He was looking for a room-mate who no longer lives here. He gave me such sass that he threw me off guard.

Him: "Hello, Mr. S_____y?"
Me: (smugly) "Nooo."
Him: "Can I speak to Mr. or Ms. S_____y?"
Me: (still really smugly) "Nooooo."
Him: "Okay, I'll call back."
Me: (more pissant-ish than smug)"No you won't because he doesn't live here anymore. Can I ask who's calling?"
Him: (mimicking the way I was talking earlier)"Noooooo."
Me: (now off my guard) "Hey wait a sec. Uhh. listen don't call because he doesn't live here anymore."
Him: "Okay, I'll call back."
Me: "No, fucking don't, he doesn't live here."
Him: (snorts derisively) "Okay, I'll call back."
Me: "Did you hear me? HE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Hello? Hello?....

Then I totally *69'd and wasted 75 or whateverthefuck to hear that the number wasn't available.

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