Febrero 05, 2004
Hey Yawn! (how shitty is that?)

So I think I'm almost alone in not really "feeling" the new Outkast albums. I'm sick of that Hey Ya! stuff (last week I heard it being played in that tailor for short guys on Queen street but don't ask me why I was in there) and I very much agree with a certain critic's assessment of the widespread praise for those guys as having a lot to do with those guys operating according to rock and roll criteria (the integrity of the rugged individualist artiste writing and producing all his own music etc) which basically irrelevant to the rest of hip hop.
Anyway, Torontopian Steve K aka The Blankket recorded this cover ages ago, even before the album came out. Then everyone else started doing it too and then the NYT is all talking about the definitive "indie rock" Hey Ya! cover without even mention K-dogg whose been here for years? It's a shame.

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I saw Andre3000 on the tv explaining how if you're up front with ladies about how you're gonna take the next piece of fine-looking tail that comes along, the moment it comes along - and leave them in the dust when it does - no one can ever get mad at you. Variety is the spice of life and you were "honest" from the start.

The Much vj said: "Yeah, but that person still ends up getting hurt." To which Andre said: "That's the part I still haven't figured out yet." Which, if you think about it, is not honest. "I don't understand why-oh-why-oh the nose bleeds when you punch it five times in a row-oh, especially if you tell the person whose nose it is you're punching that you're gonna punch it/punch it/punch-it-punch-it! -punch it!"

But whatever. I predict in Andre3000's next life, he will have either a hairlip or a hunchback. He will understand-0 a little more-0, about people's feelings-0, and of course he'll still make the best dance music roundtown, over-hyped/played as it might be.

And c'mon, we love rugged individualism here at Sankey Castle, don't we? I don't like this communist bullshit about how people are nothing more than a collection of ideas. Communists suck. They eat half-cooked dog meat or something.

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Posted by: Stalin on Febrero 6, 2004 10:37 AM .

Yeah guy, Stalin's right- you're totally out of line and racist; they didn't eat dog meat, that's just a stupid Western stereotype. When shit got really bad they just ate each other.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Febrero 6, 2004 11:23 PM .

Anyway, I think the point about rugged individualism and Outkast had to do with their record being overly accessible to the point where you could hear it being played by a tailor for short guys. Like I doubt Kool G Rap likes the new Outkast but I'm sure Eric Clapton does. And before you get all "It's about the music man", we all know that it's not at all just about the music, so trot your half-baked anachronistic holism back into the broom closet of criticism before it's too late.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Febrero 6, 2004 11:33 PM .

"It's all about the music man" isn't what I was about to say at all. Your point is very well taken. I loved that song the first 20 times I heard it but it's over. I thought for sure by now I'd be getting killed for bothering to take issue with the rockstar life (now that's dumb). Half-baked anachronistic humor is "in" this spring - but I'll suppress it if you ask me to.

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Hey guy, that was an asshole move (me putting words into your e-mouth). Sorry.
Actually I totally agree with you about being disdainful of overindulged and overdignified emotional-halfwit platitude mongering musicians and their affectations of insightfulness (always delivered with tented hands installed undernose) and wisdom learned from sleeping around a lot and doing Aspen-calibre mountains of chazz. Like it's not the sleeping around or the chazz that I think is poor form, it's the gall of suggesting that you can learn valuable and unique things about people from either of those things.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Febrero 8, 2004 12:31 PM .

what the fuck are you talking about? sometimes the writing here is just totally inaccessible.

by the way, don't blame outkast if hey ya!'s playing in the tailor for short guys. it's a great song. deal with it, fuckface.

Posted by: dumb guy on Febrero 8, 2004 06:20 PM .

Blogspam is getting so weird now, like that movie "Synchronicity"; shit's spooky. It's like the rascalious blogspammers want to make it look like they've read the thread they're supposedly contributing to. Sometimes they don't even list a URL or email thing. They've started to post hostile aggressive posts too for some reason, like THAT is going to get people to become interested or whatever.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Febrero 9, 2004 12:08 AM .

Well you definitely won't learn "valuable and unique things about people" if you pre-decide when and where you're going to learn them. So what if it happens to be 7 in the morning and you're sniffing rails off a whore's tits?

Posted by: king on Febrero 9, 2004 11:09 AM .

You're absolutely right King. I guess I shouldn't write off either sleeping around or blasting heaps of gak on the basis of the slim opportunities for empirical-based insight gathering. Still though.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Febrero 9, 2004 12:33 PM .

it's me you should be calling fuck face dumb guy. where do i get off with this kind of assfaced crap and who the fuck am i to talk? and why did i write out this insidious bile here when d went out of his way to give me my own place to post inanities?

truly sorry to everyone!

looking it over, i seem to have lifted that sentence from Mike Liegh's movie Naked ('I hope all your children are born bow-legged hairlipped homeless hunchbacks') and i guess it was on my mind last week because that's about how i was feeling and listening to these hockey moms on the bus talking how they loved to play the outkast song hey ya because their 2 year olds were better at dancing to it than any other 2 year olds in the world topped off by that interview where he seemed a bit trite topped off by this post thought: I'll blow off some steam. But why I'd apply it to the lovely Andre3000 -- I have no idea what i was thinking. he's in a category with Prince and Beck and Nirvana and Eminem and all the other super talented people who actually make it and then become harder to like because you have to listen to what they've done over and over and hear all sorts of people - some of whom, inevitably, will be kind of annoying - talk about their unique appreciation for what the radio is killing slowly.

the problem really is that radio stations will always over do it. i, for one, won't soon enjoy hey ya again anytime soon. but good on Andre for being up front about things I guess. and good on the world for allowing a song that fun to get lots of airplay. and good on thediscourse for starting up the backlash band-wagon for all to join eventually in time. and good on king with the sniffing rails off whore's tits too.

Posted by: on Febrero 9, 2004 10:55 PM .

Hell ya! Corporate radio's a machine for killing music, and overexposure is only one of its techniques... I liked the song but damn, if my ingenious single was being used to make 2-year-olds get down, I'd be on top of the CN tower setting myself on fire right now. Next we'll hear Andre's next album has guest raps from Raffi. (Rappi?) I guess the only way to ward off "diapered people" from your music is to include plenty of swears and/or theory - can't see them getting jiggy with "new materiology" or "the day the niggas took over".

But hey, while we're complaining about mainstream rap, can I just say how much I hate the Black Eyed Peas? Those dudes are assholes. They added a hot white broad to their band, how suck is that?

Steve's cover is fucking great BTW.

Posted by: D on Febrero 10, 2004 04:15 PM .

I still haven't figured out which song is theirs. But I'd have to say, in the purely superficial sense, pretty suck

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I was at Grapefruit a couple weeks ago and as we were leaving, Hey Ya! came on, and everyone cheered and stormed the dance floor. It was after 2, the night was winding down, this was plainly a 'big finish' sort of a deal, and it occurred to me that Hey Ya! is the new Stairway to Heaven.

I heard it three times today walking from work to Osgoode station.

Posted by: adHominem on Marzo 21, 2004 12:31 AM .

Spammed by pimps.

Posted by: D on Mayo 27, 2004 04:14 PM .

Some songs are important for the simple fact that they make you shake your ass up n'down on the dance floor. The kind of song where you have sweat flying off your tits, a huge grin on your face and your ass grooves faster than the beats in the song. I need those songs in my life because dancing makes me feel rad. Sometimes I dont give a shit about what they are singing or who fucking produced it. I just want to dance hard and sometimes it's the Hey Ya's of the music world that jig it up for me. I get sick of anything that is over played but they do have some importance.

Posted by: juice on Junio 3, 2004 12:02 PM .
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