Junio 28, 2004
Does anyone know how to get day-old cat shit off of shoes?

After a smashing weekend I came home this morning to find that a cat had shit on two pairs of my shoes. Not our cat, a cat that had snuck into the apartment thanks to my flatmates' persistent carelessness about leaving windows open (in spite of the fact that we've had multiple incidents involving cats and raccoons infiltrating our house, one cat in particular sprayed the VCR). The cat that shat was a cat that I had seen in the house on Saturday evening and that I thought I had shoo'd out of the house but clearly I had not succeeded. My flatmates obviously didn't seem to mind a mangy-looking cat shitting in our apartment. I love that since I'm the one who insists on keeping the window closed, the cat clearly singled out my shoes to shit all over. One pair of shoes was a highly coveted set of Le Coq Sportifs that I literallty spent two full days searching all of West London for (I eventually found them in a grubby sports shop just off the Queensway but that's another story) and that I loved dearly. I spent a healthy portion of the morning trying to clean this cat shit off of my shoes and my shoes still smell like cat shit. Does anyone know any good ways of cleaning cat shit off of leather and/or imitation leather? Does anyone know of any apartments or rooms for rent that aren't at criminal Little Italy prices and don't have careless flatmates and vindictive free-shitting stray cats in them all the bluddy time!?!?! Does anyone have a large brick that's good for braining mangy free-shitting cats from three storeys up?

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Discourse, that blows. I recall that just last week I told you how nice I thought that pair of coq sportif shoes were. It reminds me of the time that my roommate decided to let two strays into the house as pets. Curiously, they got locked in my bedroom one weekend while I was away and spent the entire weekend shitting and pissing in my bed. I don't think I've ever been so angry. I nearly barfed standing in the hallway outside the door and I can't even tell you how bad it smelled inside the room. What's worse, the whole time I was trying to clean it up, my roommate was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. I just couldn't see the humour in it. Even though you know that cats aren't aware enough or smart enough to target you personally (these cats especially were pretty much brain damaged)it feels personal, and it feels like a violation. This was my bed, and they made it their toilet for DAYS. So I feel your pain Discourse. And no, I don't know what to do about cat shit. I threw out my sheets and sent my duvet to the dry cleaners, twice -- and it cost extra because the smell of piss was so intense. Cat piss and shit overwhelms you. The aroma gets inside your head and causes a mindfuck. Nevertheless, it's not as bad as shit from a German Shepherd, which once graced the floor of my bedroom courtesy of another friend's dog. And, I shit you not, it smelled so bad that I picked it up in a paper towel, ran to the toilet to flush it and puked at the same time.

It wasn't even that big of a shit.

Posted by: king on Junio 28, 2004 02:28 PM .
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