Junio 28, 2004
A Low Blow from the Ether

I love natural selection.

Posted by at Junio 28, 2004 04:05 PM

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Discourse, if this were true (and I've seen dozens of stories claiming similar things, and dozens of stories debunking said claims), you'd be infertile too; EM waves aren't blocked by other people's pockets.

Second, can you drop the cell argument already? If you really hate them so much, why do you KEEP BORROWING MINE when we're out? Hm?

Posted by: adHominem on Junio 29, 2004 01:32 AM .

Agreed. Hating cellphones is too fucking 1993 - you might as well hate pencils or bikes or magazines or whatever other ubiquitous technology you choose. Or, start hating, say, those glasses with projected screens on the inside, and at least get a luddite head start.

Posted by: D on Junio 29, 2004 11:45 AM .

This study was from a Medical Journal; they are ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

From what I gathered from skimming the first paragraph after getting so excited about the SENSATIONAL HEADLINE was that cellphones on your belt are like a BEACON for INFERTILITY RAYS that SHOOT INFERTILITY RIGHT AT YOUR CROTCH!!!! INFERTILITY IS ALL LIKE,"PEH-CHOOOO PEH -CHOOOOO" AT YOUR CROTCH, ACCORDING TO THIS MEDICIANS!!!

The Study said nothing about borrowing other people's cellphones.

Posted by: TheDiscourse! on Junio 29, 2004 12:06 PM .

It would be hilarious to find out that free iPods cause incontinence or something, wouldn't it?

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Junio 29, 2004 01:02 PM .

This just in! Free iPods cause EXCLAMATION MARK OVERUSE!!!!!!11!!1one

I'd like to second D's idea of pre-emptive Luddism. Is it just me, or is everyone sick of nanotech anti-cancer robotlets? I mean, come on, people. You're not impressing anyone. Give it a fucking rest.

Posted by: adHominem on Junio 29, 2004 01:37 PM .

pay phones are so naaaaaaasty and so covered over in garbage that it makes making booty calls from them difficult. FACT. so pass yer celly over, even if the person who wants to use it holds it gingerly, with disgust, and as though it's got SARS.

and who got a FREE i-pod!?!!

Posted by: AB on Junio 29, 2004 01:44 PM .

Some asshole at a bookstore.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Junio 29, 2004 02:19 PM .

can i have your CD collection once you've uploaded it, then? it's not like you need it now.

ps- i hate you and your fantastic luck. ok not really. i'm just jealous because i will never be able to afford one of those oh so pretty gadgets.

Posted by: AB on Junio 29, 2004 02:40 PM .

Where the fuck were you people a couple weeks ago?

Posted by: Spancan on Junio 29, 2004 04:48 PM .

I was in Toronto. Probably at my house or here at work in the edit bay or something.

Posted by: king on Junio 29, 2004 05:01 PM .

I had a thing.

Posted by: adHominem on Junio 29, 2004 05:24 PM .
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