This reel has some highlights from the hundreds of spots I've produced over the past few years at Space & Drive-In Classics.


You can also click the titles below to watch individual spots.


This spot was the centrepiece of a large campaign to promote Lost's syndicated run on Space. The goal was to emphasize the completeness of the run, and to prove to Lost fans that Space was a great place to watch the show. In keeping with this, the clips used for the promo are 'in order' - tracing the show's journey through the seasons.
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Dawn of the Dead

A straightforward horror spot with an effective stop-and-start rhythm.
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Movies from Space

60 second generic spot advertising the films that air on Space. The goal was to speak to the positive virtues of sci-fi, presenting the channel as a powerful, inspiring entertainment choice, rather than schlock. (Okay, it's a coded message to nerds to feel good about themselves.)
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Blair Witch

This spot won Promax Gold for Cable Promotion. Sometimes when a property is stale and unexciting, you just need to see it from a fresh angle.
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An example of an episodic promo where the episode doesn't get in until a week after the promo needs to air. So, you have to use older episodes to provide a context for the new episode, which is what's going on here.
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Son of Godzilla

When your material isn't top-notch, it's worth having some fun with it. In this spot, Son of Godzilla takes his place amongst the pantheon of junior rappers like Li'l Bow Wow and Little Romeo.
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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Sometimes the job is to get out of the way and let the content speak for itself. It's David Lynch, there's backwards-talking little people and a whole lot of freaky shit, what else do you need?
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