I have a range of skills in film that allow me to function as a one man studio for small or personal projects, or as a part of a team in larger projects. I have production experience from the writing room to the post house, from 30 second spots to feature films.

Here are some examples.

Bad Day for Vader

Short comedy that was a finalist in the Star Wars Fan Film Challenge at Comic-Con in 2009. I didn't win, but hey - George Lucas watched my film in which Darth Vader orders a crantini. Life is sweet.
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The Lake

An experimental short.
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Wordburglar Segment

A doc segment I wrote/produced for Space show "The Circuit", profiling the Toronto geek rapper The Wordburglar.
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An experimental short produced as part of an "exquisite corpse" exercise for the Basement Arts Group. The last frame of each minute-long film serves as the first frame for the next.
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New Anger Success

A sample video from Skitfaced, a sketch comedy troupe I was a part of for many years. This is one I wrote and directed, and it stars Andy King. WARNING: insane number of swear words.
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Ninja and Zombie

A short comedy about a ninja and his roommate, a zombie.
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White Knuckles

I co-wrote, edited, and executive produced this independent feature thriller.
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