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Febrero 26, 2002

Canada'nt sleep


But getting dangerously close to that point where tired becomes, can't even lie still in bed or I'm gonna freak out. *

Those are the times when I have a lot of ideas like -- I know! That character in the story I haven't written, will be writing a story -- and the main character in his story will be me -- the writer of his story.

WOW! I'm gonna stay up all night and think about that!

The Canada game was very emotional. It meant a lot. I cried. But it wasn't really directly related to the game. I think it was, at least in part, the Ritalin I took. I think combined with alcohol, marijuana, and intense collective emotional response, Ritalin may not be so good.

Gretzky was supposedly flying off the handle in the news conference last week -- telling reporters he thought everything was a big bunch of "Bullcrap!" Then yesterday, when they cut to him in the stands (the instant we had officially won) the first words out of his mouth were clearly "Fuck yeah!"

I don't think I know this Gretzky.

*I didn't even read why this page says insomnia and is about Bold and The Beautiful. I just don't care. As long as I accidently stumble across B&TB literature once in a while, I can see flow.

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Febrero 21, 2002

The beginning

Change alone is unchanging.

Heraclitus is lucky he was born when he was. It'd be tough growing up with a name like that these days.

With endless thanks to D, King has a blog.

As recently as six months ago I thought a 'blog' was that thing where you get a blowjob while you're taking a smash.

Now I know better. Blog is short for "Web Log". (Jesus, I hope that's what it is. I suppose I don't even really know. I just assumed.)

I think blogs are great, and everyone should have one. Everyone you ask? Yes, everyone. I'd like to see a guy like Charles Napier 'blogging out'. (I don't know if I'm dropping cool blogger lingo or not. I'm guessing not.)

Anyway, Napier's latest flick is called 'Extreme Honor', and I feel that title.

Sometimes regular honor just doesn't cut the fuckin' mustard.

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