Febrero 21, 2002
The beginning

Change alone is unchanging.

Heraclitus is lucky he was born when he was. It'd be tough growing up with a name like that these days.

With endless thanks to D, King has a blog.

As recently as six months ago I thought a 'blog' was that thing where you get a blowjob while you're taking a smash.

Now I know better. Blog is short for "Web Log". (Jesus, I hope that's what it is. I suppose I don't even really know. I just assumed.)

I think blogs are great, and everyone should have one. Everyone you ask? Yes, everyone. I'd like to see a guy like Charles Napier 'blogging out'. (I don't know if I'm dropping cool blogger lingo or not. I'm guessing not.)

Anyway, Napier's latest flick is called 'Extreme Honor', and I feel that title.

Sometimes regular honor just doesn't cut the fuckin' mustard.

posted by King. February 21, 2002

Posted by King at Febrero 21, 2002 02:30 PM

Charles Napier is the dope shit. He's in a ton of Russ Meyer films. He's great in Cherry, Harry and Raquel, and he plays a bitchin' tuffass cop in Supervixens.

Posted by: D on Febrero 22, 2002 01:52 AM .

When you get a BJ while taking a shit, it is called a Blumpie. Keep up the good work King.

Posted by: filion on Marzo 4, 2002 02:10 PM .

Thanks for the Napier "blogfo". Wait, that doesn't make sense. Ah well.

Posted by: King on Marzo 5, 2002 01:38 AM .


Thanks for the "blumpie" blogfo.

p.s. are you a chick?

Posted by: King on Marzo 5, 2002 01:39 AM .

Charlie Napier also wrote a book. It's called 'Red Necks In Love'. By the way, if you know how to "Blog', you're smarter than big chinned Charlie. He doesn't blog wort a shit.

Posted by: on Diciembre 8, 2002 11:41 PM .


Posted by: soma on Abril 23, 2005 09:37 PM .
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