Marzo 12, 2004
Shit don't stick to Bob Evans...

The other night, on King's advice, I watched "The Kid Stays in the Picture". I've never gone in for all that Raging Bulls and Easy Riders (or whateverthefuck) hero worship of megalomaniacal 1970's American directors or producers or actors but good godlessness I could listen to Evans talk shit for hours without getting bored. I could watch buddy iron his shirts so long as he kept asking rhetorical questions and then answering them. He's like Heston vs. Ellroy or something. I love how he calls Polanski "his little Pollack" and Jack Nicholson "Irish". I love how he says he started snorting blow to relieve back pain and you actually believe him. I love violet-tinted megaframe glasses.

Posted by at Marzo 12, 2004 12:11 PM

I've read Easy Riders 2.5 times now. I go in for it totally. I buy vanity fair for the spin off easy rider articles about Sue mengers. holy shit.

Posted by: Spancan on Marzo 13, 2004 03:07 AM .
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