Mayo 30, 2003
Psy Ops

U.S. culture = Iraqi torture.

Posted by King at Mayo 30, 2003 11:49 AM

Thought you might like to know that 0fresh is dead and we now run the spear carrier so you might want to change your link to us.

Keep it up King, without your posts the balance of power in the webnet swings towards the crappers and we can't allow that!

Posted by: 11220 on Junio 1, 2003 06:05 PM .

Thanks 11220. I'll get on that link thing post-haste which for me usually means within a week. I don't have the internet at home right now because my phone got cut off, primarily because I didn't pay the bill and also because they're a bunch of dicks. You'd be surprised how many things you're not allowed to have in T Dot unless you have a home phone. You can't open a new bank account for example. You can have internet service, but not with the phone company, only with the cable company -- but I'm not sure if that means that you have to have cable. Anyway I do have cable and even though it's shit I won't be getting rid of it, so now I gotta get set up with them. The phone company says that you need an active phone line otherwise the internet won't work in your house, but I think that's bullshit. I don't know all that much about the technology but I don't believe that they can't keep one going without the other. In fact I know they can because the internet still worked for two weeks after the phone was cut off. So what they're really saying is that you have to pay for both services because they prefer it that way, and you know what? Bell Canada are a bunch of greedy pricks who have been fucking their customers in the ass for years, and still are. It used to be that they were the only phone service in the country, but I think there are a few others now. Anyhow what are you going to do? The infrastructure is there, they've got all the servicemen, they have the network established, even dialing 411 gives "Bell directory assistance" it's corporate and they get fat off it. I guess they write the phone book too. If you need a home phone in Toronto you call Bell, that's all there is to it. But fuck them anyway. Fuck you Bell you worthless greedy lying pissbag junkie fucks.

Posted by: king on Junio 2, 2003 08:33 AM .

Ex-Bell employee here. The Network Access Charge, you've seen it on your bill. It is a scam! The CRTC disallowed Bell to increase the fees on LOCAL Service so BELL devised the network access fee "to maintain the network" Maintain the network? That is what your local service fee is for! All the Network Access Fees do is maintain shareholder loyalty NOTHING ELSE, cancel your long distance and buy pre-paid cards. Your just throwing money away paying the Network Access Fee. If you want to throw your life away, apply to work there. The are the most immoralized, dehumanizing, bullying bastards around - especially the LONDON CALL CENTRE, directed by "MARNIE" the QUEEN of ALL BITCHES and her merry MENIONS!!!!

Posted by: on Septiembre 14, 2004 10:55 PM .
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