Mayo 06, 2003
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Posted by King at Mayo 06, 2003 02:44 PM

i posted a comment on ur comment page and i would like for u to take me off of it

Posted by: chris termine on Mayo 7, 2003 03:50 PM .

Haaa ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Posted by: J on Mayo 11, 2003 08:29 PM .

What do you mean Chris? Take off the comment where you ask me to take off your comment? Couldn't you have figured that one out half way through?

Posted by: king on Mayo 12, 2003 02:02 PM .

Please delete this comment.

Posted by: D on Mayo 12, 2003 03:09 PM .

Please comment on this deletion.

Posted by: Aries on Mayo 12, 2003 10:38 PM .

So anyway- Degrassi. King do you remember when we tried to order the whole series on video but never really bothered? Do you regret not doing that? I do. Last week I was watching some Dziga-Vertov Group-era Godard and it totally rang hollow. All that Althusserian radical text bullshit, like all 'countercinema', never actually works and I think the reason why is that the 'cast' is always comprised of lithe Europeans with really great haircuts and impossibly swish trousers. What the fuck? There's nothing 'radical' about your 'text' if you uphold physical aesthetic codes dictated by the imperialist hollywood and its satellites. Even if the authors of these film(/)texts are self-conscious and autocritical of these standards within their work, it's still vulgar and regressive. But Degrassi Junior High and High both achieve radical text status if only because their casts were made up of plain or ugly (or just plain ugly- HaHAHHaHa), awkward teens, without any self-reflexivity or any of that. The twins' buck teeth and greasy curls have an immediacy and veritability that no amount of marxist sloganeering or oblique editing or molotov-cocktail-instructional sequences could ever achieve.
Also, "School's Out" was the most upsetting hour of narrative film I've ever sat through. The pacing suggests an affinity with Fassbinder's "Why Does Herr R Run Amok?"- banal middleclass slice of life inanity followed by a totally unexpected and abrasive non-sequitur; fucking Wheels and his bloody cracked glasses and the fucking baby's corpse covered by a blanket (implied violence>=real violence)! What the fuck was that? For kids!?!? FOR KIDS!!!!
Arthur bartends at the Bow and Arrow on Yonge near Davisville. He's huge now. He gets really upset and rude if you ask him about Degrassi. He'll kick the shit out of you if you talk to him about Degrassi as a radical text. He's really bitter about it because the producers of the show made buckets of cash from the syndication rights and the cast members didn't get anything. Nothing. The shit end of a radical stick-as-text. For real.
One time I went up to the guy who played Shane and put a piece of paper on my tongue and reenacted the bridge scene. It was really lame of me. We eventually built up a rapport though, but it was based entirely around me calling him "Shane" (I can't even remember what his real name was) and being a shitty mimic ("I-I-I'll k-k-k-kick youintheheadyoub-b-b-b-bigdumbjerks!"). He pretended like it made him uncomfortable but his eyes would get all smug and betrayed his fake humility and I knew he was eating the shit up. Not the shit, the attention I mean.
Every time I see women with Chelsea girl haircuts I think of Liz and how retarded it was that they had her be pro-life. That was the only thing in Degrassi that I couldn't swallow.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Mayo 13, 2003 10:42 PM .

I do believe what you're saying is hilarious, Discourse. I used to go to school with all those Degrassi kids. Anais Granofsky used to sit in front of me in English class, and is probably the reason I still can't spell. Duncan Waugh, whose character, I believe, was called "Arthur" - but I never really watched one episode of that show - and people mostly just called him 'the fat kid from Degrassi' - was, in all seriousness, probably the nicest guy ever. Honestly, if you ever see him, just say "Yo Duncan", and you'll know what I'm talking about.

As is prolly common knowledge, those kids were all much bigger stars abroad than they were in Toronto. They'd get chased down the street if they ever went to Australia, and I remember Duncan getting swarmed in Epcot Center, tho, curiously, I can't remember if I saw this with my own eyes (there was a grade 8 field trip to Florida in my ridiculous junior school, and I'm 60% he came along, but I might just have heard about this around that time in my life, and incorporated it as a memory of my own.)

Also, one night I made out with Sara Ballingal on the dance floor of the cheesiest night club in Vancouver, (it was called "The Love Affair", if memory serves), and I hope none of you think less of me for saying it, but something like that happens-- face it-- sooner or later you tell your friends.

Posted by: on Mayo 14, 2003 01:15 PM .

Now please erase my comment.

Posted by: on Mayo 14, 2003 03:32 PM .

A highschool crush of mine is engaged to Lucy. It broke my heart a few weeks ago to see Craig, Anais and baby strolling around Little Italy on a brilliant Sunday afternoon. At the same time, I felt somehow empowered. It made me feel like I'd come a long way from the little village where I grew some of us actually make it in this city.

Also, I was once shopping on Queen Street and Snake was hanging out with a friend of his in the shop. He told me that I looked good in pink.

I'm wearing pink today. I'm feeling good about my small town roots.

Posted by: filion on Mayo 14, 2003 05:13 PM .

You guys have Veggie burgers at McDonalds? You weird twisted people probably have salad there as well, don't you? That is just wrong. It is the opposite of everything that McDonalds stands for. Where is the fat, people? Where is the fat??? Stupid bloody Canadian McDonalds! ... actually, probably not so bloody ...

Posted by: Aries on Mayo 15, 2003 07:57 AM .

It's a fact: Liz from Degrassi can regularly be found at the Yoga Sanctuary at College and Yonge. I used to take classes that she was in about two years ago (that was before I said "Fuck this shit, I ain't paying $9 a class"), and I have it on good authority that she now works or volunteers there. She is pocket-sized and still looks about 18. Plus she's got this huge flower tattoo on her lower back.

Hold up, I just checked, and she's actually a teacher. Here is her bio.

Posted by: A.B. on Mayo 29, 2003 01:27 PM .

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Posted by: driving directions on Agosto 5, 2004 03:35 PM .

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Posted by: king on Agosto 5, 2004 03:50 PM .
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