Octubre 04, 2002
Drink, smoke...

All I wanna do is drink heavily and smoke about a thousand cigarettes. I always want something though. I often drink five or six cups of coffee a day. Maybe that isn't really all that much though. I drink it as soon as I get up, and sometimes, right before I go to bed. I also smoke pot in the morning sometimes. Mostly when I work all night, but sometimes just because. I don't know if it counts that I quit smoking because I smoke pot every day. I don't get very drunk when I drink nowadays, but I do drink regularly, probably four nights a week. I haven't the slightest clue why I'm writing this. Probably because it's Friday night, and I'm at work.

Posted by King at Octubre 04, 2002 08:21 PM

I've had a serious addiction to cheese popcorn for the past two months. Addiction, seems to be the major theme in my life. Coffee, cigarrettes, the wonderful uncle herb, and of course beer. I haven't become a complete raging alcohalic yet, but soon... soon...

My painter friend, said, "it's ok, you're an artist, a writer..." ironically enough, he hasn't any addicts. None. Well, maybe Catholic guilt, if that counts... o and if it does tack that one onto my list.

My point: are these things helping me cope with being human, or are they various procrastinations to the reason that i'm not creative enough for my liking...

ie: I'll write this essay, after I smoke a cigarette, after I drink this pot of coffee, after I smoke this joint-- o wait now I'm too burnt out...

Maybe addictions are excuses for not doing things?

o- and i now know all the staff at the convenience store down the street. hopefully i won't hyperventalate again, when they run out of popcorn...

Posted by: The Addict on Noviembre 28, 2002 03:09 PM .

hi there stay addicted but do some acid one day day though but not unhelped or supervised but mostly do sumthin thats fun before ya die

Posted by: Volo| on Octubre 6, 2004 02:19 PM .
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