Junio 23, 2002
Pissin' Korea

Dear "Korea-Town",

Your honks are driving me crazy.

It was really nice to see Koreans cutting loose at Bloor and Christie last night. They had drums, and the Brazilians were there, and the Turks, and even some hippie guys with glow sticks. The enthusiasm was electric. The Koreans, all of them I think, honked their horns and cheered and screamed and sang pissin' Korea for twenty-four hours yesterday. The Bloor strip turned into an informal parade route, and carloads of Koreans decked out in flags and facepaint waved to us onlookers, and we waved and screamed "yayyyy" back at them.

Les pointed out that all the Turk cars had lots of guys smoking inside them. They also had one tiny Korean flag amongst all the Turkish ones -- on the aerial or something. Like they needed it for safe passage through the strip or something. There were quite a few Turk/Korea combo cars. Usually an open Jeep YJ with guys hanging out of it. Half of them smoking. I bet that's a rare instance of Turkish/Korean community bonding.

I tried to hitchhike to the bar one block away on the outside of this guy's Chevy Avalanche.
It had runners and bars on top. He told me to hop in. So I did. Then he gasses it and we end up two subway stops away. He was chasing a car full of girls, but he lost them. I told him that I thought I saw them turn back toward the bar I wanted to go to. He believed me, so we headed back. He was Hungarian, and his name was Memeto. And he asked me if I was Polish, if liked Asian girls, if I had a girlfriend, did I love her, and was I going to marry her. I answered his questions, and I got out back at the bar.

Posted by King at Junio 23, 2002 06:51 PM

Well that shits over with then. Glad you wrote about it while it lasted.

My typing has gotten so bad I somehow typed "WSWEll" instead of "well." What the fuck?

Posted by: D on Junio 26, 2002 12:59 AM .

yup, it's over alright. So much for the united front of Turks and Koreans. One of the waitresses at work told me that South Korea was going to steamroll over Germany. I told her that I didn't think it would be so easy. She said "No, you don't understand the Koreans! They have Gi !"(She was referring to some spiritual energy force. I'm spelling it how it sounded -- like the name 'Guy' in french). "You don't understand the power of the Korean Gi!" she said.

Neither do Germans Julia.

I don't love Germans, but they have been nice and quiet since they won. I guess no one wants to see Germans massing together, chanting and waving flags anymore.

Posted by: king on Junio 28, 2002 11:13 AM .

Yeah, the Germans know to take it easy with the mass nationalist rallies. Although I'm curious what the scene was like in Kitchener - we don't have Little Germany or Germany-town or what have you.

Incidentally, the phrase "your honks are driving me crazy" keeps bubbling up from my brain.

Posted by: D on Junio 30, 2002 04:13 PM .

I thought Krautville was at Poplar Plains & Clarendon.

Posted by: king on Julio 3, 2002 01:03 AM .

And I think it's mostly subterranean.

Posted by: king on Julio 3, 2002 01:27 AM .


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