February 24, 2005

turnipsandcelery copy.jpg

Okay, okay, not bad. Sort of resembles art.
But you fucked up on the plate edges.
Maybe I just like my edges messy.
You didn't even notice until after you took the picture.
By which time you'd already plowed it down.
No, no, I remembered, I did: 30 chews per forkload.
Now you're just getting ridiculous.
Oh, I know.

Posted by ÿ at February 24, 2005 10:14 PM

Man, considering how good it was, it sure does look like shit.

Posted by: ÿ on February 25, 2005 10:23 AM .

There's an art to lighting food, you know.

Posted by: ÿ on February 25, 2005 10:24 AM .

Oddly enough, food has to be fake to look good on camera. It's like some kind of parable.

Posted by: D on February 28, 2005 04:00 PM .
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