March 09, 2004


I live in Cabbagetown this month.

It's gentrified and weird. I was a child here once. Now all the home owners look like highschool students to me. How did everyone get so rich so fast and so young?


I love the houses.

Posted by   at March 09, 2004 03:38 PM

According to D, my little photo-blog project has bankrupted, and is now coming to an end.

I'll pay you all the cashdollars I owe ya D San, as, at the moment - what, with living in my rent-free granma's basement and everything - I'm stinkin' rich.

Ahh, granma's basement. Beats the hell out of... uhh... lemme get back to you on what it beats the hell out of.

Posted by:   on March 9, 2004 04:26 PM .
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