September 29, 2003

1. Had the most extreme pleasure of partying it up at Harvest Fest last week-end, which is why I haven't written lately, honest.

The most famous person at the party had to be Cannonball, who arrived on a mere two hours sleep, tended to the bon-fire diligently (until noon the following day), and was full of many hugs and brain-bendingly-beautiful non-sequitors. He was captured partying it up at Ba's recently re-vamped website, which is of interest for reasons difficult to convey.

(Says Ba: "this time around I am really going to try to keep it up to date" and I believe.)

2. The Walrus party was inspiring, full of distinguished looking older people and beautiful young. Canada deserves a magazine for first rate writers, but all I want to talk about is the party, and knowing what I know about google and weblogs I best be shutting my trap right now.

3. Like everything else here, this really annoying Russell Smith column is so last week, but I have to link to anyway - not sure why. Is it me, or does he give the impression 'the weblogging community' is something you can conclusively write-off after an afternoon's research? As if quality weblogging nowhere existed.

4. Also, Roger Dodger was fucking great. Ebert agrees, tho this is a three-and-a-half star movie in just about any universe.

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You could talk about the Walrus party in code, like "I saw Smussell Rith being a lech and wearing his stupid fucking leather pants" or "Raniel Dichler was being his usual preposterous-hand-gestured self" or "Bistian Chrk (an especially good one, that) was wearing a backpack and stuffing his face at the food table on the right-hand side of the room" or something like this. That party was hed rot...
On other fronts, the always classy Ean Dallen didn't even mention Dusty Rusty's stupid fucking column (which matches his stupid leather pants) which ultimately is classier than "facile sniping at weary targets". Though, for you and all yours , it probably would have been been vindicating if he had torn his unequivocally terrible writing and his leather pants to shreds.

Posted by: DeThiscourse on October 1, 2003 08:26 PM .

Yo man. What chu said!@

Posted by: on October 2, 2003 11:03 AM .
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