July 31, 2003
Survey Says...

80% of British men don't know what "foreplay" is, mistaking it for a sport, a computer game, or item of clothing. 70% of British men gave themselves a 9/10 on technique after they found out what it was, (or, I don't know, maybe they were still under the impression it was a video game when they did this). The women gave them 6/10, and rated themselves lower, at 5.

Let me say again: 80% of British men don't know what "foreplay" is. Should Blair not be on tv right now offering a compelling explanation for this? I mean, imagine how you'd feel if this was your country?!! If a few dozen Sars cases and one mad cow can cripple the whole of Canada, I don't want to think about where Britain's headed at the moment.

And the saddest part is, as a Brit there's little you can do to distinguish yourself from your sorry country, short of 'turning gay' or becoming an accountant.

Or blaming Thatcher always works.

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