May 25, 2003

It used to surprise me what I knew. Like I'd be able to list off the directors of a significantly high portion of, say, Kevin Bacon movies, without realizing I even knew his filmography. And even that! How did I ever come to know the filmography of a guy like Kevin Bacon? I mean, what's wrong with me?!

Nowadays, I go out with the youngsters, and I rest easy with the knowledge that I know absolutely nothing. It started, I think, with that band GOB. After they came out with that first hit of theirs, I threw in the towel. I just couldn't seem to find it in myself to keep track anymore after that.

Which is why, for me, Darva Conger has become a name I can really get behind. As in, "I used to Darva, but then I got Congered, and now I don't any mo'."

So far, it's ok. No one's asked me what it means, as it seems self-explanatory enough. It's a kind of onomatopoeia for the half-forgotten-never-should've-been-remembered-in-the-first-place-type person. The type who, if they were remembered for any period of time, were never remembered for anything resembling a memorable reason.


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