May 12, 2003
D/Blogging Contest - Part 1

Here's how I take sankeytown down, here's how I do it. Look ~ here it is. It's right here. This here's how I win. I don't have to say a single thing! I can just say nothing. He can never say nothing! He has a readership! He virtually has to say something. But I, I will happily say nothing at all, and do so in such a way that it constitutes a "post", thereby prompting him to produce the high quality stuff we've grown accustomed to.

Ah, the power.

Eventually, as his quantity improves, his quality will slip, and his morale will go with it, and that's when the Klezmer band will hit the Renaissance, if you know what I'm talking about, and I know you know what I'm talking about - I'm talking about taking sankeytown down! ~ you know what I'm talking about! I know you do!

Actually, over the week-end, I was asked to nail down the details of our 'contest.' D said he wanted to bet I couldn't post once a day, and that was it. I kindly reminded him of the other offerings put forth in his comment, and he agreed to go for most overall posts in the month of May. He's up 20 to 15 at last count, but was visibly terrified.

So far, I personally take credit for having forced some gold onto his site, and frankly, don't want to get d/blog fans pissed at me - I hear they can be vicious - so I won't go for much more than, say, 45, as initially threatened. Why, that means this month there'll be at least 46 somethings from the man, who, by the way, it turns out, at three a.m., in a mostly inert room, can really dance.

You know, if we start slipping bad, I'll shut-up. I promise!

Also, I promise to minimize the amount of self-referential shite from now on. For instance, I promise not to mention this stupid contest again until, Thursday.

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