May 09, 2003
Reality tv

I liked Chomsky: Rebel without a Pause last night (yes, I'm now writing about what I did before the hockey game). He said a few things I didn't know, firstly about Orlando Bosch, who I didn't really know anything about, and secondly about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and specifically about a Russian on a nuclear submarine who refused an order to employ his nukes. According to Chomsky, this info was just released, like in the last few years, and wasn't mentioned anywhere by anyone as per usual. I just googled around about it, but it was one of those things where it was more like a gooooooooooooooogle every time, and the first ten things I checked were so long, and when they proved fruitless I started thinking about how the roommate's getting back in a few minutes with a six pack, and how I'd like to go outside and enjoy what's left of the sun.

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Ok, this was shameful laziness. But somehow because it's called Reality tv, about Chomsky, and because it ends when I go for beer, I feel ok about it.

6 out of 10, but that's cause I'm feeling generous.

My points remain: 1) Quite scary to think how close we came to ending it all 2) Interesting we owe our lives to a Russian dude who never got any praise and 3) I can't find the link where Chomsky talks specifically about any of this, so you'll just have to take my word. I'll look around again sometime in the not so distant to see what I can find.

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I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but this is a speech in which Chomsky refers to the Russian submarine dude (it's near the end).
The guy's name is Vasily Arkhipov.
The only information I could find on him that wasn't Chomsky's is this interview with the executive director of the National Security Archive, who seems to have gleaned (gleened? I can't spell) this information from the same Havana conference as Chomsky.
In any event, thank you Mr. Arkhipov!

Posted by: marijke on May 12, 2003 05:20 PM .

Correction: It was actually the National Security Archive that released that information to the Havana conference.
Some interesting information about it here, including a photo of the Russian sub in question (sub B-59, for the record).

Oh, and it's gleaning...

Posted by: marijke on May 12, 2003 05:41 PM .
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