March 04, 2003
Harper's, again

I've posted about this before, perhaps I'll post about it again: this week's Harper's Review was particularly entertaining:

'American diplomats were telling Security Council countries that they risked "paying a heavy price" if they don't vote for war with Iraq, although Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary, denied that the Administration was trying to bribe countries for war votes: "The president is not offering quid pro quos," he said. When a French reporter pressed him on the question, Fleischer said: "Think about the implications of what you're saying, you're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable," whereupon the assembled reporters all burst out laughing and Fleischer left the stage in a huff.'

Why didn't I read about this anywhere until today? When the press secretary gets laughed out of a press conference, shouldn't it be news?

I also liked the way the Review concluded:

'Lightning struck a small plane that was carrying Florida governor Jeb Bush but failed to destroy it. Mr. Rogers died. State Farm Insurance declared that it will not cover claims arising from nuclear blasts or fallout. Nevada was considering a special tax on whores.'

I like this Roger Hodge guy. I like that lightning struck but "failed to destroy" Jeb's plane. If the plane had gone down, I wonder how many in the press would say Jeb was "successfully destroyed" by lightning?

Posted by at March 04, 2003 06:32 PM

video of the ari fleischer thing here. start watching around 29 minutes or so. the best part is how spontaneous and unapologetic the laughter is, and you can hear one journalist constructing his headline: "laughed. off. the. stage."
worth the watch.

Posted by: marijke on March 4, 2003 07:53 PM .

Nothing beats Ari Fleischer sulking!

Posted by: on March 12, 2003 05:26 PM .

Is anyone aware of a similar sort of link showing the BBC footage of The Hon. GW Bush getting his hair done and fumbling through a practice round with the teleprompter? Apparently there is one minute and thirty-seven glorious seconds of this business that was shown earlier in the week.

Posted by: The French on March 22, 2003 03:44 PM .

here is a link to the hair bit.
Both the BBC and CBS sites have recut their video footage of Bush's speech to exclude that material.

I've also seen mention of him saying something to the effect of "this feels good" right before starting the speech. can't find video evidence of it, though....

Posted by: marijke on March 24, 2003 09:24 PM .

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Posted by: Party Poker on November 4, 2004 09:05 AM .
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