January 17, 2003
Gore Vidal

I wrote stuff here today.

Posted by at January 17, 2003 04:12 PM

I also think Tom Cruise is gay.

Posted by: on January 17, 2003 04:17 PM .

wow. (on the Vidal stuff, that is, not Cruise). do you want my 138? I think you deserve it more than I.

favourite line: "it's called dichotomous thinking, dorkwad."

Posted by: marijke on January 17, 2003 05:20 PM .

I'd happily take your 138, but I no longer need it... (middle drawer all the way at the back... heh.)

Posted by: on January 17, 2003 11:23 PM .

So you're the one who's been raiding my stash!
Just don't pilfer too many of them. I'm in short supply, you know, and there's this character that I have to keep convincing that I'm smart....

Posted by: marijke on January 20, 2003 05:12 PM .

You don't have to "keep convincing" me. [in best Tom Cruise voice...] You had me at 'Crown Prince Petar...'

Sorry friend, I'm pilfering!

Posted by: on January 22, 2003 04:54 PM .

heh. I had totally forgotten about that. I was thinking "Crown Prince Petar? Who the hell is Crown Prince Petar???"
I had to go look it up.

aah, the net: like Flowers For Algernon -- makin' you smarter, but only for a minute...

Posted by: marijke on January 24, 2003 09:01 PM .

Yeah - but when you think about it, that minute ends up lasting for the rest of your life.

Posted by: on January 25, 2003 01:10 AM .

Question? Who the hell is Gore Vidal anyways?

Posted by: M.J. on October 7, 2003 02:22 AM .

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