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Septiembre 15, 2004

Staying Alive

Last Tuesday I was all busy, and tired, and high on weed. I hopped on my skateboard and rolled over to the convenience store to buy eggs, and then over to Queen Video to rent Staying Alive on VHS.

On the way home I very nearly got creamed by a cube van, and I had to pull over for a minute to regain my composure. I was spooked, because if I hadn't swerved at the last minute, my skull would certainly have cracked open on the hood of the truck, or if not there, then on the ensuing collapse onto the hard paved surface of College street.

I quickly realised that it would have been an ironic death. Mostly because the 'rescuers' would have to pry "Staying Alive" out of my cold dead hand; but especially if my skull really did crack open -- and if the eggs didn't crack at all.

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