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Julio 30, 2004

Gotta write a blog entry

Gotta do it. Neither I, nor The Discourse have written one in weeks. I can't say I feel all that focused on any particular topic though. I do want to mention how much I love/hate that short skirts are all the rage. I love skirts, I really do. The hate part comes from being driven crazy with desire by total strangers who I'll never meet. But man, do girls ever look good these days. Toronto in the summertime is really fantastic.

I thought I wanted to write about this guy who works at the Tim Horton's at Dundas and Bathurst but there's really no way for me to describe my fascination with him. He looks to me to be in his late 30s, sandy blonde hair thinning a bit, big mustache. The first weird thing about him is that he's white. You really don't see a lot of older white guys working the cash at Tim Horton's in downtown Toronto. It sounds racist maybe, but it's not meant to. It's just not something you see a lot of. And he's not so old that he's like a retired guy looking for something to do. He's at an age where he's getting toward the peak of his earning potential and he's working a minimum wage job where he has to wear a dumb looking uniform, and where 90 percent of the time it's so busy that you can barely keep up.

Anyhow, the thing that fascinates me most about him is how much he lights up when any young asian woman comes within four feet of him. He takes my order like he has contempt for me, but when the asian girl in line behind me arrives in front of him he's not just friendly, he starts cracking jokes, he starts doing characters, and he starts doing whatever it takes to keep the conversation going. It becomes very weird. He happens to work with a lot of young asian girls, so a lot of the time he is pretty animated, but I've seen that other side of him, that side that doesn't give a shit about me or my order or anything else. Now I don't expect him to care about me -- nor do I really want him to. But when I get to the cash and I say "One large regular please." And he's like "What?! What do you want?" "A large reg--" "Hold on! Okay what?" And he's looking at me like I'm actively trying to piss him off. Then...the asian girl behind me steps up...her order is ten times more complex than mine, her voice barely above a whisper. He has no problem hearing her. He's grinning ear to ear. He says something like: "Step right over here while my team of scientists prepare your special elixir..."

I mean, we all respond more favorably to people we find attractive. You can't help it sometimes. Even when you don't like their personality you find yourself fake laughing at something they said. Or at least, trying to fake laugh, sometimes it comes out as a monotone yelp. But this dude is just so cut and dry about it it's incredible.

I don't have much else on this guy right now. But needless to say, I'm busy observing the behaviour of this total stranger, and judging him on it wherever I can, in print.

Happy long weekend!!

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Julio 10, 2004


Hey! If you live in Toronto and like to enjoy yourself in the name of others, come to these things; on Wednesday someone is throwing me a birthday party at Sneaky Dee's featuring a truncated version of the best band in Toronto! as well as some other people and a famous dj and some other djs and maybe some prizes? Then the following night is my birthday proper and will involve a Team The Barcelona Pavilion concert with Bush League and AnimalMonster at, again, Sneaky Dee's (I can't get that bluddy place out of my life). Please come and enjoy Toronto!

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Julio 09, 2004

It's the weekend!


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