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Diciembre 08, 2003

"Yepa Yepa Yepa!"

In trying to keep abreast with King's hispanophilic content on this site as well as trying to come off like somebody who knows more about something than you probably do, I thought I'd post something about the current glut of fantastic Mexican electro records. Arguably one of the most consistently exciting record labels around, home to the best band in the world, broadened their cultural horizons earlier this year and started putting out records by artsy Central Americans. They mostly sound like this. They also make the best videos ever. One of the bands, Los Fancy Free, has a singer who grew up in an isolated corner of the Chihuahua region on a Swedish mennonite reservation called Nueva Escandanavia. So anyway, this stuff is pretty accessible now (through mail-order anyway) and it's sufficiently colloquial and bizarre and unfashionable to avoid getting oversaturated or boring.

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Diciembre 02, 2003

Towards the Lapis Lazuli Dawn

In spite of the fact that doing so means missing the joke entirely, part of me has always wanted to take this seriously.

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