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Octubre 01, 2003


Ow, my head hurts. I'm not hung over. I'm not overtired. It's not caffeine withdrawl. Does that mean it's atmospheric? It better fuckin' not be, cause you can't quit the environment. People forget about that when they're sweeping their smelt under the river and whatnot. Have you ever driven to Hamilton on the QEW and you see those giant steel factories that have flames shooting out the top and they're right on the water and they don't rest at night either. These are 24 hour operations. Ow.

Yesterday I forgot to get my script toTerry David Mulligan in time, and so I ran up at the very last minute and he was still there on the phone and he agreed to read it but reprimanded me for 'smoking too much shit' (I'm paraphrasing) and I told him I quit smoking shit and in fact, all smokable products and that maybe that was the problem and he said: "yeah, right".

I saw Lost in Translation last night with filion, and it was pretty good. The way it was shot was cool because you really felt like a fly on the wall which is a fun way to watch stuff. But don't expect one of those adrenaline hard-ons you get from watching explosive fast-paced set-up/pay-off action films, cause you won't get one. It's cool though. The relationship between Bill Murray and the girl in it felt real, and it's great to see a film set in Tokyo.

I have to cut a spot for Startv today, Star!Bio tomorrow, The Sarah Jessica Parker E! special Friday and an opening for Fashion Cares on Saturday. In addtion, I have a spot on Vegas Showgirls due Tuesday, and the source material is 6 one hour shows so I guess I'll be cutting that Monday? Sunday?

Editing bores me to tears sometimes. It's one thing when you've come up with an idea and you're trying toi make it work, or you're editing something you've written or something, but otherwise, all I do is find a quote from whoever the spot is about -- or let's say with Startv -- it's usually 3 stories being promoted, so you find one quote from each person -- roughly 4 seconds each, then the rest of the 30 seconds is covered with voice over and clips, and that's it. I guess it's simple, but the more boring it is the more soul-sucking it is to do. And it is time-consuming, and it's a cliche but a monkey could do it, allowing that the monkey comprehends celebrity interviews, which most probably do.

That reminded me of a dream I had last night. It involved work, but it wasn't work it was like an overnight camp where I did my job, and I did walk out in the middle of a meeting having grabbed two valuable attache cases from the room. I mean I walked out, as in quit. I'm not sure what the attache cases had to do with anything or what was in them, but when I left, I stole them. This woman met me at the elevators who had been in the meeting room and it was my understanding that one of the cases belonged to her. She wasn't anyone from work but she was a devout catholic who reminded me of a friend's mom who was a part-time missionary. Anyhow, I told her that I had to walk out because the job was killing my soul and she smiled and said she understood, and I have no idea what happened after that.

Anyhow, I better get to work, cause I gotta finish all that garbage so I can get some free time to figure out what I'm gonna do for real. At least, that's the myth I've been telling myself lately. Tootles.

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