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Julio 22, 2003

The Office

The office is loud, and people do the same things all the time.
What people remember about a day is not what they gabbed about but who they gabbed to. Truth doesn't make a noise. It is completely silent. Silence is also conversation. It's best to be on good terms with your fellow man. The machines are crazy here. During the day it's too loud to notice, but at night they hum. Cables snake down the hallways overhead and they hum too. The blinker in my car makes the radio pop in sequence, so imagine what's popping inside us while this swirling vortex of media is churning and chugging and bugging us with camera 1 camera 2 and camera 4. Watching inside us not yet. Not just yet. The weatherman wears little tiny cowboy boots, and outfits that match the day. The stress moves around like traffic and when traffic calls, they always have stress for you to feel. The most important things are the computers. Free surfing makes a slave of many. People dress nice, but very casual, some girls dress really sexy, some don't, but overall there is probably the same percentage of good looking people as anywhere else in downtown Toronto, and that all depends on your taste. I like my job, but wish it was more physical, cause I'm too lazy to exercise unless I'm getting paid for it. Sitting in front of the computer is bad if you have bad posture like me. I had nitrogen balls in my hands! But they've since been broken up and reinitiated into my bloodstream. I wish you could do drugs at work. I mean, you can, but you're not supposed to.

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La Maison De Le Chemin

Il vit en solitaire
Se bat comme un pro
Et, quand il aime,
se donne a fond.

Resistance c'est impossible, n'attemptez pas mes amis.


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Julio 01, 2003

Scavengers Of The Dawn

Urban Sea Birds cluster suddenly and a young man asks for change or a cigarette or drugs or alcohol or a passport

Pigeon and Gull fight for pizza and a squirrel stops eating to look out through the window of a Dorito's bag

5:30 am

Concrete everywhere

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