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Marzo 26, 2003


Go ahead and get him Manny, we don't need him anymore. So go ahead and get him if you want to. It's up to you Manny. I'm out, I can't have nothing to do with it no more, you understand me? You understand me Manny? I mean, if you want to go ahead and get him, get him. I mean, now, while we still got time Manny. Do it now. Why not now Manny? We gotta get him now Manny. He's running away Manny. We gotta get him now, let's do it. You and me Manny, we'll do it together. We'll get him like we used to get all the guys that hung around the corner store back when we were kids. We'll get him like we used to get our dicks whacked with a pencil by our older brothers when we were in our teens. We'll get him like we used to get diseases when we were in our beds at night and we slept with rotten meat Manny. You remember Manny. You remember right? Manny? Are you there? Where are you Manny? Where are you? Is it dark? Is that why I can't see you? Or is it too light out. There's so much light I can't see anything. Which is it? Neither? Or what? What? Did you say something? Did you just say, "did you just say"? Or am I hearing things. I must be hearing things. Otherwise one of us is talking here Manny. And it ain't me.

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Marzo 25, 2003


A man of peace is not a pacifist, a man of peace is simply a pool of silence. He pulsates a new kind of energy into the world, he sings a new song. He lives in a totally new way, his very way of life is that of grace, that of prayer, that of compassion. Whomsoever he touches, he creates more love-energy. The man of peace is creative. He is not against war, because to be against anything is to be at war. He is not against war, he simply understands why war exists. And out of that understanding he becomes peaceful.
Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, understanding, will the war disappear.


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Marzo 05, 2003

Coffee Break For The Lungs

Remember when you could smoke at work? Well I don't. Except for when I was working on film sets, then I used to chain smoke to kill the boredom of working. Jeff Harris told me that when he was working at A&A records in the 80s you could smoke, but only behind the cash.

I know it's good not to smoke. But when you're editing video in to the not so wee hours of the morning, it would be nice to suck back a few pills you know? And now that I mention it, a few go-pills wouldn't be so bad right now either. I mean there's no one here. It'd be great to have some military-grade uppers. Only I don't know where to get any kind of uppers, except maybe cocaine, and that's a little more up than I need to be at work. Where's a party-teen when you need one, am I right? And fuck ritalin by the way -- unless you get the right prescription.

Smoking keeps me awake though. And so what if the edit suite stinks in the morning? Just spray the fucking suite down with chemicals that make the fucking stink go away you non-smoking healthfuckers.

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Marzo 03, 2003



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