Marzo 05, 2003
Coffee Break For The Lungs

Remember when you could smoke at work? Well I don't. Except for when I was working on film sets, then I used to chain smoke to kill the boredom of working. Jeff Harris told me that when he was working at A&A records in the 80s you could smoke, but only behind the cash.

I know it's good not to smoke. But when you're editing video in to the not so wee hours of the morning, it would be nice to suck back a few pills you know? And now that I mention it, a few go-pills wouldn't be so bad right now either. I mean there's no one here. It'd be great to have some military-grade uppers. Only I don't know where to get any kind of uppers, except maybe cocaine, and that's a little more up than I need to be at work. Where's a party-teen when you need one, am I right? And fuck ritalin by the way -- unless you get the right prescription.

Smoking keeps me awake though. And so what if the edit suite stinks in the morning? Just spray the fucking suite down with chemicals that make the fucking stink go away you non-smoking healthfuckers.

Posted by King at Marzo 05, 2003 07:32 AM

For real. I really like Bill Hicks' routine about how "If my smoking bothers you then I suggest you take a long, hard look around you at the world, and then mind your own fucking business!"

Second-hand smoke? I say bullshit to that; everybody knows that car exhausts and industrial pollution in major urban centres make walking around downtown Toronto equivalent to hoovering down forty-odd Century Sams every hour or something.

The smell of smoke? Fuck the smell; it's not half as bad as the acrid pong of midsummer body odour that wafts from the slick pits of loudmouth nature fascists who carp on about how antiperspirant gives you Alzheimer's, the same health nazis who display that shit-eating complacency about the impending total ban on indoor smoking and who fucking revel in denying people the opportunity to smoke in places they would never set foot in anyway. Fuck off back to Vancouver where your ilk runs the show and nobody's allowed to have any fun if it doesn't involve drum circles, wheatgrass-echinacea smoothies or picking mushrooms out near the airport. That's what I say to them. Fuck.

Posted by: Histopher Chritchens on Marzo 7, 2003 01:27 AM .

King you're so half-assed about this site. If you can't come up with any real-life stuff to write about then you should just make it up; how about a story that features you spiking Daniel Richler's marzipan latte with quaaludes at the City building or maybe you narrowly avoiding a fistfight with Michael Moriarity at the Matador or maybe more poignant stories about homeless people- they seem to go over pretty well. But really. C'mon seriously.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Marzo 24, 2003 08:56 PM .

Yeah, Kingky! Where the hell are you? I can't procrastinate from work on this site if you're not updating, mate! Get off that ass of yours and give us some ACTION!!!

Posted by: Aries on Marzo 25, 2003 05:31 AM .
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