Junio 22, 2004
Don't Trust CNN

Have the people at CNN completely lost their minds? Have they turned evil? Has anyone seen their promos? The ones that claim that CNN is "America's most trusted news source." Statements like this make me crazy. I just don't think that it bears any relevance to anything and yet it comes off sounding safe and grandfatherly. "Most trusted?"
First of all, even if I do "trust" CNN more than ABC, does that mean that CNN is telling the truth and ABC is lying? Of course not. It basically means that CNN is just better at lying than ABC.
And you can't just ask the average dumbass who they trust the most and then use that response as an indication of credibility. I mean, you can, and they do, but I think it sucks. Instead of trying people for murder with evidence and all that bullshit, they could just have the suspect tell their story and then have America vote on whether they trust them or not. It would be a lot more convenient after all, but the problem remains -- people lie. And plenty of people are really good at lying.

I only bring all of this up because I saw an even more recent CNN promo last night. Thanks to their survey results, they have now adopted the word "Trust" as their own. It zooms out at you followed by the big CNN graphic. Fans of dystopian fiction take note -- CNN's new promo now literally says : TRUST CNN.

They fucking suck.

Posted by King at Junio 22, 2004 04:03 PM
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