Mayo 30, 2004
Track and Field

Next weekend there will be an event that will likely function as a benchmark for everything that is good and great and exciting and new in Torontopia. Funnily enough, it will take place on a farm outside Guelph. There will be sports and there will be every single good band from Torontopia. Bands like Hank! and Les Mouches and Fox the Boombox and AnimalMonster and Lenin I Shumov. Sports like soccer, badminton, handball, long-distance running and Ultimate Squash. You can't afford to miss this thing. You can't let yourself do it. Don't miss it.
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Posted by at Mayo 30, 2004 10:40 PM

I went to the Saturday afternoon part of Track and Field and I must say, it was really fun. I played soccer for a while, saw a bunch of great bands, most of which I had never seen before. Highlights were the always fantastic Barcelona Pavilion; the exciting and ebullient Lenin I Shumov; Fox The Boombox were great -- they really looked like they were having fun too, which I realised, is a key ingredient! You don't have to be a virtuoso (and none of them are) if you're having fun. They were smiling and laughing and there was a lot of interaction between them on stage. And their songs were nice. Oh yeah, and the Barmitzvah brothers were terrific as well. Steve K told me that they don't usually play guitars and that they were playing the gig as a Belgian cover band of themselves callled The Guitarmitzvah Brothers. I couldn't believe that, I mean, they seemed so natural on guitars. They have a great drummer too. Guelph is a really nice place that's not so far from the shitty. Only about 35 minutes I think and this farm where Track and Field was held was really nice. It was such a great day. I hung out with two great new friends and we drank Caesars and beer and smoked pot and played sports and listened to live music. I wish I had pictures. I gotta get a camera. So many people there were wearing what I would describe as costumes but what might have been their real clothes. And there were so many kinds of people that I felt I'd never seen before in my life. I don't know how to describe the feeling but it was really interesting to feel it. Later that night we had to get V to her other gig which was a basement party in Kensington and her band 'No Dynamics' played. They were pretty cool. Great guitar tone. I asked the guitarist about it afterwards and he said it was all because of this Fender Twin Reverb amp from the 70s that he borrowed. You couldn't believe the sound. He didn't have any pedals either--it was plugged in directly. I mean, the band was more than the tone obviously, but I just thought it was nice to hear some good guitar tone. The drummer was amazing and V can really sing and is a really confident performer. Great stuff. No Dynamics. I mean, it was a really good venue too. A dark dingy, smokey basement where the music is BLARING is perfect if you've got nice tone and good rhythm and a lot of energy.
So, good day. Great bands. A lot of fun. The only downside of the whole thing for me was that I blew off apartment hunting on Saturday and then on Sunday I couldn't really be assed and now it's the end of the weekend and I don't have too many leads. But hopefully I'll just get lucky. I can't wait to get a new apartment.

Posted by: king on Junio 7, 2004 11:30 AM .

Guy, you'll get so lucky. This summer reeks of good luck. Can't you smell that stuff? I ran into this evening and I was all like, "This summer's already so great!" and he was all like, "dude, it's late spring as far as I'm concerned" and it only just then occurred to me that summer hadn't started yet. THAT'S how good this summer is. Apartments are getting cheaper and everything is exciting. I'm so glad you made it out to that great event. Sunday was a bit more low-key and the bands weren't quite so good but that farm was so big and amazing that there was so much else to do. That was the best weekend I think I've ever had. I thought I hated camping but camping is the fucking best. We carved out "Fort Bourgeois" up on the hill (we even had a flag) and ate from a Whole Foods-catered cooler and played catch and H.O.R.S.E. and I learned how to hula hoop and discovered that I've got quite a wicked arm for football. Everything went so smoothly that it was almost spooky.
You, all of you who didn't come, missed out entirely. Not to rub your noses in it or anything.

Posted by: TheDiscourse on Junio 7, 2004 10:10 PM .

And here I was thinking it was only for me that stuff was lucky and good. I thought "everything's coming up Sankey", when really I should have thought "everything's coming up everyone."

Hooray for everything!

Posted by: D on Junio 8, 2004 04:45 PM .

Everything's coming up everyone. That's gold man.

Posted by: king on Junio 10, 2004 10:06 AM .
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