Abril 02, 2003

This blog is terrible king. It reminds me of a dog choking to death on my gloved fist. I am so bored down here in my bunker. It is my wish to have something good to read, but instead I come here. I have found something written about war right here in this page. It really made me think....that it was the most foolish thing I have yet heard! This man knows nothing of war. It is not, as you say in the West, "party time". I mean to say, I like it....but it gets me down too. I am not against war, I understand why war exists, but it is not peaceful for me. I am so stressed out king. Honestly, Tariq will tell you. And I cannot stop smoking these damned cigars! Anyway, I did not write to you to complain about my life, but to complain about the poor quality of this damned reading material. The writings here are not fit for a blind Shia cleric, and that I can assure you, is saying something.

Posted by Saddam Hussein at Abril 02, 2003 02:08 AM

Don't listen to that jumped up dusty balled sand n**ger. Baby you good. Keep at it and it will all be ok . . . trust me. X

Posted by: Karen K on Abril 2, 2003 04:13 AM .

I concur with Karen K King. Or should that be Karen K, King? I don't know... I feel like I've neglected your blog for far too many weeks. I humbly apologize. Touring is eating up all my godamn time but, as TheDiscourse said somewhere else, laziness is selfishness, or some such thing. You keep it up sunshine.

Posted by: Sting on Abril 8, 2003 03:27 PM .

Come on mutha fucka!! Pull yo fingaz out yo ass and write some shit!!! Don't make me come over there and show you my wong tong supa!!!!

Posted by: General Foofoo on Abril 11, 2003 02:39 PM .
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