Agosto 22, 2002
Today Again

I think organic vegetables taste better than non-organic ones. I recognize however, that this may be some form of mental programming. Therefore, I am going to fall back on logic -- or at least, what I call logic. I can't deny that some people I know have called it 'idiocy'. But I say that logically, the earth has been preparing food successfully for a lot longer than humans have. Therefore I trust the earth's experience more. For instance, if I were interviewing two people for the job of growing the food that my publicly-traded company was going to eat, and one of them was the earth, and one was man, then the earth would get the job.

I guess ultimately, you can't have one without the other. In order for us to get food, we need the earth, and we need us. I just think we should let the earth be the boss.

Posted by King at Agosto 22, 2002 10:38 AM

Not too sure how well Earth would do in the interview, King ... "So, tell me, why did you leave your last job?" ... what the fuck would Earth say???
And who the hell would you call for references?

Nonetheless, I get your point regarding organics and the typicality of man getting his dirty money-making obsessed hands all over our food these days. Have you seen the hairless chickens they now breed in Israel?? Not a pretty sight.
Watch out for those grapefruits too - apparently when mixed with certain medicines/drugs concocted by 'Man' (when he's playing 'God' rather than hide and seek) they become potentially deadly.
Fortunately, I never liked grapefruit (I'm always weary of bitterness....)

Posted by: Aries on Agosto 24, 2002 11:55 PM .

I feel, King and, in fact Aries, that your love of organic vegetables over non-organic ones tends to stem from a left-leaning, Green-obsessed world view typical of our age and utterly at odds with reality. If the human race had waited for the earth to provide us with the amounts of food we require to live we would still all be living at the subisistence level. The agricultural revolution, a man-driven series of events, provided us, for the first time in modern history, with a surplus of food. This in turn allowed us to stop worrying about where our next meal was coming from, get out of the dirt, and actually dedicate our minds to higher activities like science and critical thought. Non-organic vegetables are just the next stage in this process. Nature is our tool and should be used as such, not wrapped in cotton wool. The earth will outlive us, never fear, regardless of what we do to it. Tinkering with vegetables and chickens, which have been tinkered with from the day we domesticated them by the way, is just groovy with me as long as the end product is MORE FOOD. A tomato that grows in clay soil may just be the ticket for the lesser developed parts of this planet, you never know. So victory to non-organic foods and down with knee-jerk Greenism.
I thank you.

Posted by: Jerms on Agosto 28, 2002 11:56 AM .

I would have to agree with Jerms here folks. The whole organic route clearly to me was a way for some fuck to get wealthy off the rich. I mean have you ventured into Whole Foods lately? What a load of horse shit that place is. First of all I dont know what wealthy, rich, and eccentric fuck told me that Whole Foods was cheap and the way to go. Whoever that was (sorry no short term memory) but you are so wrong its sick. Nothing is cheap in that place man. Its a fucking rip-off. Secondly, stand outside the entrance to Whole Foods on Avenue Road there for a few minutes. Breath deeply through your prescious nostrils for a while until you encounter that awful pong in the air? What is that fucking vile smell you encounter? Well my little pretties that the smell of Whole Foods!!!! Sure doesnt smell to organic now does it!!!!
Some of you just get fooled again and again. It is a cruel world out there. Some of you leave mommy's nipple and buy into all the bullshit. Is it a better deal because your cucumber is the size of a two year old infant? Or is it the fact that you can substitue your oranges for pupmkins around Halloween? You organic food people make me sick. So fucking health conscious all of a sudden. You are fooled into believing that perhaps if I eat organic foods I will live those extra 45 days, be twice as miserable that\n before and wish the whole time in the end that you were dead anyway. I like to hear all of you chat about how good these foods are, how much better they taste, and how much better off they are for you. Mind you, few of you do anything else to improve your lifestyle. Somehow I dont think eating organic foods will lenghten you life all that much. It will definitely lighten your wallet though. Wake up, if you eat organic foods thats your bag man, but shut the fuck up about it and stop trying to sell your bullshit to this non-organic steak and potatoes kind of guy.

Posted by: Monster on Agosto 29, 2002 11:42 AM .

I realize i'm wading into this debate a little late, but Monster and "Jerms" seemed to have missed a few important points. These are the kinds of folks who would be the last to leave the Love Canal. While we now have more food than we can eat, we have created a system of industrialized food production that removes us so completely from the shit we put in our mouths that we live in ignorant bliss (not a bad place to be, admittedly) of the havoc wreaked by our gluttony. There is a dead zone the size of Hudson Bay in the Gulf of Mexico where no life can be sustained. This comes from the agricultural effluent - shit, pesticides, growth hormones, etc., flowing down the Mississpi from the industrial heartland and the great plains. Just a thought. Cheers.

Posted by: Pierce on Septiembre 9, 2002 09:40 AM .

I don't think there's such a thing as late on a blog Pierce. Your comments are much appreciated. I do agree with Jerms and Monster in some ways. Advancements in agricultural technology definitely grew out of a need to feed the billions of us that there now are. And I'll accept that there are companies who will exploit people's health concerns with slick marketing and high prices.

But mother-Mexican-aquatic-dead-zone-fucker -- we all know there's some nasty shit going on. And meanwhile, look how fucking fat and sick Americans (and yes, Canadians) are! 61% of Americans 20-74 are considered overweight or obese. America is now 61% fat!!! Kids are fucking whales now too. And they're only fat because they eat way more food than they need to eat.
Maybe I should ignore it Monster, and maybe I'll only die 45 days earlier -- but I don't know that I can anymore. That doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to do anything about it. I don't know what I could do. But I think about it. I couldn't believe how tall the stack of animal meat was at Mr. Sub today. And I bet they don't even sell it all. So much pig and cow must wind up in the garbage. I notice that I feel that I want or need to eat animal three times a day. Every meal. If there's no animal in it, sometimes I feel like I haven't really eaten.

But that can't be right. And part of me knows it's not.

Posted by: king on Septiembre 10, 2002 01:48 AM .
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