Junio 13, 2002
Update: Hussein

Bob, the delivery driver at restaurant #1 (who now, by the way, sleeps in his car most of the day) is not really named Bob at all.

'Bob' is his brother's nickname. His name is also Hussein! The same as the previous driver. He said the guys in the kitchen told him to change it, because of the similarity. Why would they do that? The other Hussein was fired. There wouldn't be any confusion.

Just continuity.

Posted by King at Junio 13, 2002 02:19 AM

Contunuity, interesting word. What the hell is wrong with change. Is it a new thing or perhaps a really old one in which people decide that this is the way its gotta be. I mean for fuck's sake, how fucking boring. God forbid something, just one thing should be different or out of the ordinary. Stir it up, make a move, do something. Falling into the trap is what people fear most but unfortunately, they dont even fucking realize that they are already deep into it. Variety people thats what it is all about. Somebody has to take Bob out for a few drinks and at the end of the evening take him into the nearest alley and give him the beating of his life. Dont feel bad, he deserves it. Fuck him, what the hell are you doing hiring an ape like that in the first place. Stand up for yourself Bob. Dont be scared of your surroundings. I perhaps have developed a negative attitude over the last few years of my existence on this planet, and for this I apologize. However, I have opened my arms to this pessimism and made it a part of my life. Continuity to me is something that should occur in the very last few years of your life when you are so old or so sick that you are simply incapable of doing anything except lying in a fucking bed attached to a machine waiting to die.

Posted by: Monster on Julio 5, 2002 04:34 PM .

But Monster,

Are you saying that Bob should have let his name be changed to Bob, or fight to have it stay as Hussein? What?

Posted by: king on Julio 5, 2002 05:35 PM .

I don't understand why he should be taken out for drinks, then to an alley for the beating of his life -- for what purpose?

Posted by: king on Julio 5, 2002 05:37 PM .

This post has three comments. Two by me. Blogjump to another post with the name 'Hussein' in it go!.
And another...go!.

Posted by: king on Junio 20, 2003 01:36 AM .


Posted by: king on Junio 20, 2003 01:41 AM .
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