Mayo 26, 2002
Game 5

The Leafs won though. Thanks to Cujo. They looked shaky, but they fought off those Raleigh cunts.

Can you believe Pat Quinn? I thought I was going to have a heart attack watching the game last night - poor Quinn is watching it in the cardio ward of the hospital. I thought he was gonna pop during game four. The camera kept cutting to him, and he looked STRESSED out. I'm glad CBC decided not to monitor Quinn's heart during the game for the people at home. I wouldn't have been able to watch.

Jesus Quinn's tough though. He already has two artificial hips. Some of the lazier Leafs ought to take note -- Nothing can stop Quinn. I don't think he even needs a heart... Worse-case scenario: if Quinn goes down, and we lose, there'll still be hell to pay. A vengeful, zombie-Quinn is not something you want to be looking over your shoulder pad for. You know he could do it Reichel.

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