Mayo 09, 2002
Walk In Special

Is this couple hugging because a large plain cheese pizza is $6.95?

Posted by King at Mayo 09, 2002 02:56 AM

These people are hugging merely for the pay cheque. In actuality they have really come to hate each other over the course of the last six months. His name is Devon and he hails from Scarborough, Ontario. Her name is Devina and she hails from Mississauga, Ontario. This is the fourth cmmercial shoot together, and a great deal has gone on since there first encounter. On their first job together Devina thought the world of Devon, as he presented himself in a gentlemanly manner. She thought that he had rugged good looks, a sly sense of humour, and wanted nothing more than to get into the sack with him. Little did she know that this nightmare would actually come through. Devon asked Devina out after their excruciating first shoot. Things did not go according to plan. After a nice dinner and movie the two ended up going back to Devon's place deep in the heart of Scarborough where she ended up getting tag teamed by Devon and twelve members of his distant family. (It ended up being Devon, seven of his brothers, three cousins, his step father, and his real father. Afterwards she entered counciling for a short period of time, but has had to work with Devon on three other shoots only to make ends meet. Devina as you can see from the photo does not have a great deal going for her in this so called career of hers, so she cant really turn down the work. Thus her realtionship with Devon continues and she hopes one day that she will be rid of this sweet swinging man from Scarborough.

Posted by: Monster on Mayo 13, 2002 10:59 AM .

Hey Monster,

Thanks for the comments on the last two entries. I don't quite know what to make of them.

Who are you man? You've been spying on a guy I work with, and now you know everything about these models from a picture on Pizza Pizza's website. I'm not saying you're making shit up, I just don't know how you could know these things.

I mean, even if I was willing to believe that you were spying on Bob, what are the fucking odds that you would know about the very next entry. I found that picture at random, it can't...

Wait. Unless you're some kind of psychometrist (is that what it's called?) you know those people who gain information about people, places and things by holding objects in their hands?

Do you look at my entries, and then somehow, through some supernatural power of yours, psychically "learn" this crazy information?

Who are you Monster? It's driving me crazy!

p.s. Tough break for Devina, getting gangbanged by that family and all.

Posted by: king on Mayo 13, 2002 09:14 PM .
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