Abril 15, 2002
Hoo-ret for the U.S.-et!

Alright Beret Lovers. I found this link when I was deleting e-mails. I know for a real beret enthusiast, these ones are probably an obscenity. Or maybe not? The ad says it's for fans and collectors, but also "fanciers of french headware" -- so not just beret-fanciers. But I wonder if they mean fans and collectors of berets? Like Mrs. Planners.

I still have no opinion about berets. However, if interest continues with this topic, I will gladly link to any Beret-related junk mails that I'm about to delete from my mail box.

Posted by King at Abril 15, 2002 10:43 PM

I'm not sure whether to think Roots is selling out by providing the British and American Olympic teams with their uniforms, or to give them props for cashing in, making tons of bread and still making the Canadian uniforms cooler. Either way, I saw a guy in Yorkville, getting out of a BMW with Ontario plates wearing one of these berets. It made me want to kick him in the balls.

Posted by: filion on Abril 20, 2002 05:13 PM .

Thank you for mentioning me in your article, and for the information about great savings on berets! I already have the U.S.A. beret (of course), but am happy to see berets on the "internet". My son Ben says, you should write more about berets! Just kidding. He is seventeen years old and hates berets. But he is taking the time to help his "stupid mom" use a computer, so I forgive him. And he got an A in math! Way to go Benny!

Posted by: Mrs. Susan Planners on Abril 23, 2002 12:17 AM .
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