October 31, 2003
Fitty Cents

In other news, I read in the paper that Fitty Cents (I wish I could take credit for calling Fitty Cent Fitty Cents, but alas, this was t.v.'s sister's inadvertent joke) bought Mike Tyson's house. I bet he'll do well enough with his money that he'll hold onto it. I bet Fitty has staying power. The way he sings about that stuff: You say you're a gangster, but you never shot one, you say you're a gangster but you never got one or whatever-- I apologize, Fitty, if I'm misquoting you. I have great respect for what you do. No one has ever parlayed getting shot in the face into such high quality orgies! I feel bad that Mike Tyson lost his mansion because I think a guy who has been hit as hard as he also deserves a nice big place to grow old and screw bitches in, but fuck, Mike - it's what happens.

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