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Diciembre 18, 2002

Ramblings and Ruminations

Dear friends,

I generally despise Labatt and Molson advertisements, but a recent one by the former struck me as rather poignant. For those of you who have not seen it, I will endeavour to describe it to you, succinctly and without all the scantily-clad female models running across the screen that one has come to expect from all good North American beer commercials (apologies to the purveyors of smut that I know expect more from this blog):

France has five weeks paid holiday.
Sweden has six weeks paid holiday.
Canada has two weeks paid holiday.

I find this to be an outrageous state of affairs and indicative of a society that derides free time, expecting its citizenry to seek personal satisfaction in an institution that most only involve themselves in to provide food and shelter. Even the UK, a country viewed by many as a post-industrial hell-hole (not by me, needless to say) has four weeks paid holiday and plans to increase it to five! Two weeks is an insult and I demand satisfaction. I suggest you all do the same.

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Fuckoan. Ester nowee? Log icy es? No. Es no mucho. Pour que est?

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