Marzo 20, 2004
Everyone is Chanting U.S.A. on TV right now

Bush is giving a speech defending his administration. He is a really good public speaker. He just promised as I was writing this that they will win the War on Terror. He also said that the lesson of September 11th is to stop threats BEFORE they materialize, which should be challenging. Can you really even stop a threat? I mean you can stop what's threatening you maybe but not necessarily the threat itself. He said that America gave the Taliban an ultimatum that they ignored. Now they are no more. America "and it's allies" gave Iraq a chance to come clean and they didn't -- and faced with either "defending America" or trusting a madman, he'll choose defending America any day thank you very much. I think that's what got the U-S-A! chant going, or somewhere around there. Everyone in the audience is screaming like they still want more revenge for September 11th. Bush is telling a story about when he stood in the ashes of the World Trade Center on September 14th and a construction worker pointed at him and said: "Don't let me down". Great, so Bush is living out the personal revenge fantasy of that construction worker, what the fuck is that? Maybe that guy just didn't want to clean up that site. I find it hard to believe anyway that somebody pointed at Bush at close range and actually said that "Don't let me down". I mean, I guess I can see a context where that exchange could take place, but that's even colder I think. Bush just said he took September 11th personally too. Oh man, here we go. Seven months of more bullshit about terror and smoking out the rats and hunting down the guilty and defending freedom for a new era I just can't deal with it anymore. It's all a bunch of complete and utter bullshit and everyone involved knows it is, the way you know your job is killing you but you do it anyway.

Posted by King at Marzo 20, 2004 01:10 PM
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