Septiembre 10, 2003
Sir Ian McKellen's Dick

Did anybody see what McKellen was wearing at the Movie Television Festival Schmooze last Friday? A fucking white trenchcoat, and an army green T-Shirt with Dick Cheney's face silkscreened on it that just said: DICK. What a guy. And he's 64 years old for Christ's sake! D, who is a mad Dick Cheney fan (albeit apolitically) said I should e-mail Sir Ian to find out where he got it, so I did. We'll see if he gets back to me. In the meantime, McKellen's official website, is selling T-Shirts, with a real do-it-yourself look to them. This pisses me off.

Hey Sir Ian, listen up. You may be a gay knight and all, and you dress fucking cool, but don't be ripping off our million-dollar T-shirt idea now.

Posted by King at Septiembre 10, 2003 04:21 PM
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